Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 1

A long time ago...Wait, wait wait, it ain't a long time ago, it only happened recently, which is near somewhere called "wait, what is it again?". There was this dude, his name is Harry. S. Potty and seriously, he is real potty, and potty as in crazy, not the thing babies sit on and do their business. That dude, better remember him, cos I will be mentioning him soon. Then there was this insane terrorist group call "all queue ah!", and its place of origin? "Sing a song", where the terrorists gather to plot against S.W.A.T, who sits around swatting flies and terrorists all day. Ok, lets get back, this group of insane terrorists decided to bomb up a train that is currently heading towards hog-warts, a school where they train pigs and teach them how to fly on brooms and grow magical warts that casts spells. There was this hog, isaac, who's parents got blown away by volesnort, an evil hogzard(thats what they call pig wizards), and boy, was it messy! Ok, so this train was chooing along the railroads while the terrorists were snickering away, maybe they ate too much snickers chocolate bars, I dunno. Luckily for the to-be hogzards, and unluckily for all queue ah, the all and mighty principal, dumby-door was on board, and his instant magic turned the bomb into a err, err, I dunno how to describe it, but it does look like a sign with the face of the all queue ah members and a "dont mess with the door" movie poster, but it isn't a poster either, so yea.

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